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Back by popular demand, we'll be launching our second annual EduTECH MASTERS Hackathon  for student teams to address a real-world problem. The 12-week long preparation process will take place from July to October (pre-event at respective schools with special workshop clinics). The Hack&Build session will happen on 9-10 November . The final presentation and showcase will happen on 11-12 November 2020  at EduTECH Asia 2020 Expo. 


Our Objective:

To create a platform where children are encouraged to actively explore problems education and design solutions that tackle the issues with a focus on inclusiveness, learning effectiveness, and creative stimulus.


The Challenge:

"In today’s world, we are increasingly hearing calls for global competencies; that is, we are seeing demand for skills such as critical thinking and creativity across both manual and professional occupations. And as a result, education is on the brink of major reform.... There is therefore no doubt about where education is going, but there is a great deal of uncertainty concerning how to get there, and, importantly, how to measure progress along the way....Teachers will need to pursue dynamic pedagogies and model 21st century skills, and assessments will need to reflect the nature of the skills, and also, in the process, reflect those skills themselves."

Excerpt from Education is Changing. It's Time Assessment Caught Up By Esther Care & Alvin Vista

Mar. 27, 2017

Stanford Social Innovation Review


The Challenge : How would you change assessments?  

Design and build a solution to the issues faced in education when assessing students, teachers, and/or the schools. The idea may be a digital solution, a physical model, an educational program, or a combination that addresses the problem. Teams should identify a specific issue around assessments and have sufficient evidence to support the pervasiveness of the identified problem in the form of primary research.


The Judging Criteria

Teams will be judged based on following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Transformative Skills
  • Sustainability & Feasibility
  • Estimated investment
  • Growth and Expansion roll-out


The Process &  Timeline:


Clinics and Workshops

  • Mentor's workshop: early July TBD (remote participation available)
  • 3 Milestone submissions (mandatory)
  • Hack & Build Marathon 9-10 November
  • Final mentions, feedback and after-Party 12th November


Important dates

HACK & BUILD 9-10 November
Preliminary Presentation 3 hours on 11 November – timing TBC 10 minutes per team
Solution showcase 11-12 November
Keynote Presentation Morning 12 November 
Award Ceremony 4pm on 12 November









A panel of expert judges will evaluate the projects and the two best teams will take the stage on the morning keynote on 10 October.



This is your chance to vote for your favourite project. Head to the zone to see the projects first hand. Only one team will win the honour of the People's Choice Award.




All you need to do is to:
1.Create a two to three minute video with your team to show the selection committee your skills, enthusiasm, and team spirit.
2. Submit one of the following:
A. One sketch of your team's preliminary idea that addresses the problem statement; B. A 300 word paragraph explaining your preliminary idea that addresses the problem statement
**Note: Your idea can and should evolve through the program and the preliminary idea submission is not expected to be complete or executable at this point.

Send in your applications in the form below or click here :


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