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VPass is a customisable Cloud based Visitor Management system designed to suit your Schools needs. From managing Visitors, Contractors, Staff, Students etc, VPass allows you to tailor and design your sign in requirements for each individual Visitor Type. This customisation can all be done from the dashboard on your computer and once created it is instantly pushed to your Kiosk App on your tablet.

VPass also offers your Visitors a contactless way for them to use their smart phone and scan a secure, unique QR code allowing them to sign in and out. This is a great way to save on hardware costs.

With VPass you can create multiple Sites and Locations, run accurate Reports, manage Emergency Evacuations from your phone, intuitively manage Student Late Arrivals and Early Leavers. VPass also has Microsoft Active Directory integration if you need to manage Employees, whether they need to sign in and out, have access to the Dashboard or even been a Fire Warden. VPass can now be used for special events like information nights, sports events, open days and lots more.

Trial VPass today at your school and say good bye to your Paper Sign In Books.


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