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Practicle was founded in 2017 by two teachers who wanted to prove that studying Math doesn't need to be painful and boring - that the process could be fun, fast, and enriching. Today, Practicle Math is used and enjoyed by kids from all over the world, to discover Math in a game-like manner and at their very own pace. Practicle believes that the happier the kids are while learning, the better they learn, and the brighter they shine.

Launched in 2019, Practicle Math applied engaging game mechanics that is deeply integrated with effective learning pedagogies, and powered by cutting-edge AI technologies used in Realtime Strategy Games, to bring the critically-acclaimed Singapore Math to children outside of Singapore. In 2020, Practicle Math became certified by the highly-regarded Education Alliance Finland for its high effectiveness in helping children to learn Singapore Math, to the tune of 96/100, becoming the best Singapore Math platform in the world. In a world of Netflix, Disney Plus, and Tik-Tok, Practicle continues to draw children back to Math learning, helping each child to unlock their maximum potential in the happiest way ever.


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