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Educators have always been heroes. They play a big role in shaping our lives, and we know that they work tirelessly to give their students the best education possible. Yet, they're often under-supported, working outside their classroom and office hours on time-consuming tasks like grading, tutoring and creating assessments.

At Noodle Factory, our mission is to make education smarter with AI by putting it to work in the most important place - schools and universities – so that educators empowered with AI will have the freedom to innovate and engage with students better.

Our approach to AI is simple: It’s used in a practical way, assisting teachers in automating tasks like creating and grading assessments and tutoring, where their direct involvement may not add much value. For students, they are kept engaged throughout their learning and can receive instant and personalised feedback, without needing their teacher to be available at every step of the process.


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