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Noodle Factory supercharges education with the power of Generative AI. As an AI-powered teaching assistant platform, we make AI accessible, enabling educators to harness its potential effortlessly. Our platform enables educators to streamline workflows, taking control of their time through task automation and conversational AI-driven interactions. Imagine, as an educator, tailoring a ChatGPT-like experience for your students within minutes—all within the confines of your curated content and available in any language!

At Noodle Factory, our philosophy is "AI-assisted, educator-curated," positioning AI as a teacher's co-pilot, while the educator maintains control over content and teaching methodologies. With our intuitive AI technology, teachers can effortlessly develop their AI-powered teaching assistant in minutes, freeing them to focus on the core tasks of teaching and mentoring. This approach not only elevates student learning outcomes but also enhances the well-being of educators.

Join Noodle Factory in our quest to democratise AI, nurturing a new generation of super educators, and, in turn, cultivating engaged students poised to positively impact the world. Together, we're transforming education, one innovative AI-powered solution at a time.


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