MonsoonSIM is an award-winning business simulation and gamification education platform. This platform has been used in business education since 2013. To date, we have more than 90,000 registered learners and a rapidly growing user base.
Transforming the way you teach
•         Instead of teaching with theory alone, you allow the learners to conduct self-directed learning --- through simulation and gamification.
•         Instead of creating course content, you simply configure your course to suit your learners.
•         Instead of being a teacher, you are a facilitator and an advisor.
Transforming the way they learn
•         Instead of learning by remembering, learners learn by doing and exploring.
•         Instead of learning by eLearning or PowerPoint, learners learn by practicing and experimenting.
There are hundreds of fundamental business concepts applicable to any trading, distribution, e-commerce, manufacturing, and service business. The concepts are brilliantly wrapped into a typical business simulation with thirteen business departments. Data live access is also available for analysis and reflection of the learner's business decisions. Educators can decide to teach the basics for example, Accounting with Retail or use MonsoonSIM to teach advanced level concepts such as capital budgeting.
263 Universities or Organizations globally that have run MonsoonSIM
105,791 Learners who have learnt through MonsoonSIM to date


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