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Kelas Digital is an information technology solution for higher education that supports Learning, Sharing and Collaboration using Academic social media and Marketplace platform. It is also a mobile application for new ways of studying based on Ubiquitous Learning - anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Using everyday devices, it is a one stop solution for Acceleration of Education Digital Transformation in this post pandemic era.
A trademark of PT Kelas Dunia Ekasakti, Kelas Digital is a mobile learning application in the Smart Campus platform created, developed, and maintained by PT Kelas Dunia Ekasakti. Published at the beginning of the pandemic, it is among the few Mobile Apps available in the market especially for the Universities, Educators and other learning institutions. Kelas Digital is the answer to growing demands for Cloud-based digital education with free to use for the students, lecturers, parents and other stakeholders in this new ways of blended learning.


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