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IPC group with over 25 years of experience is a leading company providing VR headsets programs for education. We're one of the largest inventories and VR headset suppliers in Singapore.

While being one of the first to adopt a sustainable approach to VR headsets, it's our mission to make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

As a VR service provider, we give our users the best real-life experience through our VR headsets. VR technology is changing the learning process. Our VR headsets are the safest, easiest, and best learning and experiencing method. It's now widely used by schools for learning and teaching. We also conduct tea-building programs, sports exchanges, and physical learning journey programs.

The customisable VR headsets are easy to handle, risk-free, and 3 dimensional that give a fully immersive user experience.

One of our prime principles at IPC is to incorporate a sustainable approach to educational programs and to ensure a safe environment. The programs are customized through creativity and innovation for the best user experience, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

With our years of expertise, we're able to fulfil learning journey objectives most cost-effectively. Apart from encouraging sustainability in all our trips we highly focus on the safety & security of our users. We strive to strictly follow the curriculum & embed schools' vision & mission in the program.


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