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Our journey began with a local music school (300 students) struggling with complex lesson schedules and billing issues that drained time. We stepped in, transforming their administrative chaos into a seamless process, allowing educators to focus on education. Encouraged by this success, we moved on to assist an international school (600 students) facing challenges in cross-department communication. We streamlined their operations, fostering better collaboration. We also created an app for an online tutor (1,500 students) to gamify their learning experience, making education more engaging and effective. These experiences solidified our vision: to revolutionize education in Southeast Asia with technology.

Our mission is twofold: empower educators with cutting-edge tools for modern, engaging learning experiences and simplify administrative processes, allowing more focus on teaching.

We pride ourselves on being proactive, committed, and innovative. At Commun Edtech, we solve problems before they arise, pay meticulous attention to detail, and develop simple solutions to complex challenges.

Our values are centered around education, experience, and effectiveness. We honor teachers by recognizing their contributions, celebrating their successes, and maximizing their influence. We are dedicated to creating a future with equal learning opportunities, better educational experiences, and a sustainable environment.

Digitalizing schools, connecting communities, creating memorable learning experiences and transforming schools for the future.


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