Beijing Edutainment World Education Technology Co. Ltd


Founded in August, 2013, Beijing Edutainment World Education Technology Co. Ltd (YLW) is becoming well-known for its speciality in  Science and Technology Education and Research for youth, product R & D as well as education services. As a strategic investment enterprise invested by Chinese all culture and education industry fund and Koolearn, YLW also established China Maker Education Alliance.

By introducing internationally advanced STEM Education system and combining with years of experience in domestic technology education, YLW imaginatively designed a stepwise curriculum and product system, which highlighted science cognition, technology exploration and maker’s creation. Based on above system, YLW focuses on the popularization of Youth Science and Technology Innovation Education in China. Authorized by the Ministry of Education, YLW has now become the enterprise to undertake core issues of maker education, the main base for Ministry of Education leaders to do researches, a professional training platform for teen maker teachers. Besides, YLW launched China's first set of complete education and teaching materials for k12 stage through successively cooperating with University of California, Beihang University, Southeast University, Bangkok Thonburi University, etc. At present, YLW has provided more than 2200 primary and middle schools with in-class and extra-curricular innovative teaching and product services. And above services have covered 20 cities and more than 300 thousand students in China mainland.


寓乐湾通过引入国际先进教育体系STEM Education(Science 科学、Technology 技术、 Engineering 工程、Mathematics 数学),结合自身多年在国内科技教育的实战经验,创意设计出“科学认知、科技探索、创客创造”的阶梯递进式课程体系和产品体系,并以此为基础,专注于国内青少年科技创新教育的普及。寓乐湾现已成为教育部创客教育核心课题承接企业、教育部领导人调研的主要基地及教育部青少年创客教师专业化培训平台;先后与美国加州大学、北京航空航天大学、东南大学、泰国吞武里大学等合作,并推出了国内第一套k12阶段完整的创客教育教材及教学具。目前已面向中国20个城市、2200多所中小学、30多万学生提供课内及课外的创客教学及产品服务。