The Awesomenicity math platform is an exhilarating learning adventure like no other. Our platform has everything you need to deliver impactful, differentiated and captivating math lessons for grades 2-5 (years 3-6). With Awesomenicity, you'll have access to all the essential elements necessary for a successful teaching experience. Save yourself hours of work with our meticulously-crafted lesson plans, visually-rich, inquiry-based slideshows and ready-to-print activities - perfect for both home-based learning and the classroom. Our lessons will captivate your imagination and inspire you and your students to relish the boundless wonders of mathematics.

Awesomenicity has been created by a trio of enthusiastic and experienced international educators with 45 years of combined teaching expertise and a wealth of diverse experiences from teaching in more than 16 countries. We are on a mission to make math fun, engaging and accessible to students worldwide.

Awesome for teachers:
Ready-made, thought-provoking, differentiated lessons that will unlock your students’ full potential and save you oodles of time.

Awesome for homeschooling:
High-quality, curated lessons that inspire students to persevere through challenges, develop a growth mindset and embrace the joy of learning. No prep. No sweat.

Awesome for tutoring:
Provide enriching activities that guide your students to develop skills that extend far beyond tutoring sessions.

Awesome for kids:
Foster critical thinking and promote problem-solving skills whilst funny, heartwarming animals take you on an epic math journey.


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