AV Media


Having been in the industry for more than two decades, AV Media have been through countless AV project designs and installations. AV Media’s have since designed and installed numerous projects in various industries including schools, corporate entities and governmental agencies among many others. 

AV Media have been especially well-known in the educational AV due the long term partnership between AV Media and MOE schools which allows AV Media to fully understand the needs of both the school and the students. That equipped us with the right knowledge to confidently introduce new equipment that can better capture and retain students’ attention & improve teacher’s teaching efficiency and productivity.

With decades of experience and extensive market knowledge, our professional engineers and consultants always know how to provide the best services and advices according to your individual needs. We take pride in our team of reliable professionals, their efficiency and their creativity to turn even the most challenging projects into routines in no time at all. What gives us more pleasure is that they never did just stop there. Our prompt friendly maintenance and troubleshooting abilities never failed to bring surprises and a smile to everyone’s heart.

Spearheaded by dynamic leadership, integrity and ethics, we are the preferred partner for MOE schools and local corporate companies.

Our leadership and service-oriented attitudes are surpassed by none. Our 60 committed employees are dedicated to keep this high quality of service for our clients, taking pride in our work and strive to stay the best.

Vision Statement
Since our inception 20 years ago, we pride ourselves in; 
  • Delivering total and integrated AV solutions for our clients;
  • Providing reliable & quality products, as well as services;
  • Ensure high and efficient standards of performance from our teams and our recommended solutions;
  • Ensure customer satisfaction for continued partnerships;
  • Ethical and professional business practices;
  • Innovation ahead of market trends.