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The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is an educational theater organization composed of artist-teachers who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellent theater aesthetics and pedagogy towards the empowerment of people and society. Founded on April 7, 1967 by Cecilia Guidote Alvarez, PETA began by asserting the then radical view of creating and performing plays in Filipino.  PETA aims to develop a people’s theater aesthetics that showcases the richness and diversity of Filipino culture through the creation of original Filipino plays while at the same time explores a broad range of theater styles and themes relevant to the people. It also aims to develop a people’s theater pedagogy that puts a premium on people’s creativity and critical thinking towards transformative cultural and social action. It is a pedagogy that uses the communicative and creative power of theater and the arts to enable individuals to be open and responsive to each other's situation and differences, and turn this into group action and social transformation.


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