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LPIC-1 – Teaching Strategies and Tips on Hard-to-teach Topics

AUG 19, 2021 17:00 SGT (GMT +8)

Hosted by Terrapinn in collaboration with Linux Professional Institute

This is Part 3 of 3 of the LPI webinar series

Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills are a critical part of daily life today, making ICT knowledge an essential competency that employers expect in graduates. Educators are tasked with embedding ICT as an integral part of their curriculums, preparing their students to enter a digitally driven workforce. Professional certifications such as those endorsed by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), provide validation, and proof of ICT skills students have acquired through college and university education. 
The LPIC-1, LPI’s most popular global certification standard, is designed to reflect and validate proficiency in real world system administration. 
Credentials such as the LPIC-1 value-adds to a graduate’s resume, putting them at the top of the job candidate list. In this talk, Cesar Brod will walk-through the anatomy of certification exams, best practices as an effective LPIC trainer and how to teach certain LPIC-1 topics.

Attend this session to find out: 

• LPI certifications and their importance in today’s corporate world 
• How to effectively guide and support students through their certification process 
• How to instruct on several LPIC-1 topics, such as: 
- Building a learning path on top-of-the-line editing tools (including the Doug Mcllroy pipe history) 
- The story behind files and folders security and how to champion chmod octal mode 
- How things are organised into the Linux/Unix file system hierarchy


Led By: 

Cesar Brod

Cesar Brod

Director of Community Engagement

Linux Professional Institute  



Cesar has been a user of Linux since the beginning of 1993, before the kernel had reached version 1.0. From 1997 on he started working exclusively with free and open source software, adding what would later be called “agile methodologies” to the sauce and leading teams who created more free software and built business models around it. He is also an author and contributor of books on Programming, Agile Methodologies, User Experience and Technology and Education and has translated several important books into Portuguese, such as the seminal software engineering opus “The Mythical Man-Month” by Fred Brooks Jr.


*Registration for the webinar is free for all to attend and view on demand. Certificates will be provided only to LIVE Webinar attendees.

This is Part 3 of 3 of the LPI webinar series by Linux Professional Institute. Check out the rest of the series: 

Part 1 - The future of ICT jobs - everything you need to know

Part 2 - Teaching through Storytelling


Webinar Partner:

Linux Professional Institute


Linux Professional Institute is a non profit organization. Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the global certification standard and career support organization for open source professionals. With more than 200,000 certification holders, it's the world’s first and largest vendor-neutral Linux and open source certification body. LPI has certified professionals in over 180 countries, delivers exams in multiple languages, and has hundreds of training partners. Our mission is to promote the use of open source by supporting the people who work with it. Find out more about us here  www.lpi.org  


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