UWS Vern Hoy School


Project development

Sponsored by Terrapinn, UWS Vern Hoy School opened for the first time at the end of November and has made a very successful start.

Teachers are meeting weekly with UWS Education Officers who oversee the quality of education in our school hubs. A local School Support Committee of village leaders is being trained to oversee the school. In December:

  • 165 children attended Vern Hoy school.
  • Three government-funded teachers and two community teachers trained by UWS were working in the school along with one librarian.
  • The School Support Committee was active and meeting regularly.
  • The girl:boy ratio is 0.9, meaning both genders have equal access to education.


A community transformed

Before Terrapinn sponsored a new school in Vern Hoy, there was an old, derelict school building. Parents considered it too dangerous to send their children and there were no formal lessons taking place.

With Terrapinn's support, UWS built a school in Vern Hoy which opened its doors at the end of November.

During the first week, all children were issued with a red school bag complete with pencils, ruler and eraser. Government teachers were also supported and offered extensive training alongside community teachers. Community teachers are a key part of our model, as they bridge the barriers for those children who only speak their indigenous language.

Now, six weeks after opening day, 165 children are learning core subjects including maths and the national language, Khmer.

Also, Vern Hoy’s School Support Committee is engaged and meeting regularly with teachers and UWS Education Officers. The School Support Committee is responsible for community engagement and representing the community in the governance committee. Community leadership is key in the effectiveness of the school and our ongoing sustainable model.


Developing education in UWS Vern Hoy School

School support and monitoring

  • Our Education Officers will continue to visit weekly to offer continued support and training to our Community and Government Teachers.
  • During each visit, they will work with teachers to ensure effective teaching and learning is taking place.
  • We will develop our qualitative and quantitative monitoring of student/teacher attendance and performance. This data will be used to inform the continuing evaluation and improvement of our impact.

Developing the curriculum

  • As government teachers in the school are already trained in Maths and Khmer teaching, particular emphasis will be placed on logic, art and music.
  • Across our schools, we have found that a diverse and engaging curriculum including art, music and sport boosts attendance and improves student concentration.

Improving the school environment

  • Over the coming months, Building Officers will develop the land surrounding the school to create an outdoor learning environment and sports pitches for students.
  • Student artwork will begin to be used to decorate classrooms and create bright and engaging spaces for learning. The library will play a greater role in school life as a space for group activities.
  • Teachers and students will plant a garden where they will learn about sustainable living and healthy eating.


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