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Congratulations and welcome to EduTECH Asia's 2020 speaker faculty. To help you with your preparation and to maximise your experience at the event, here's a checklist for you:

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Speaker Resources pack - all you need to know

Please select your type of participation below


Key information for presentation speakers


Presentation Format

  • 16x9 Powerpoint
  • Should you want to use your own device, please let us know in advance and also make sure to carry the necessary connectors and dongles
  • Videos are discouraged unless necessary to illustrate a point you’re addressing

Recommended Structure & Content

  • 10 minutes talking about the broader challenge and topic;
  • 8 minutes talking about the cases illustrating your solution to the challenges;
  • 2 minutes Q&A time (this is flexible; if no time is left, then we leave it off)
  • (If you feel my recommended structure won’t work for you, feel free to ignore it)

Presentation Due Date

  • 10th October – 1 month out from the event



Key information for roundtable leaders


How it will work

  • Your role as a host is to guide the participant’s discussion on your chosen topic. The idea for you is to moderate and not present. We’ll prepare 5 guiding questions that you can use to structure the discussion (but feel free to not follow it if it doesn’t work as well on the day itself)
  • You don’t need to prepare much beforehand so long as you know the topic you’re hosting on (which you will anyway)
  • I’ll prepare a crib sheet for you. This will include the guiding questions for the discussion and will include a space for you to summarise the discussion.
  • Note that while we ask delegates to sign-up beforehand, the majority will only sign-up on the day itself.
  • No PPT presentation required, however, you can use hand-outs, design thinking, share some information on your device (IPAD, Laptop) if needed. But please note this should exceed 2-3 minutes as the objective is to have more discussions where every participant is contributing.



Key information for panellists and moderators


How it will work

  • The moderator will make a short introduction to the topic. 
  • Each panellist will then be given about 5 minutes each to speak about their perspective. The moderator will then ask panellists questions to facilitate an interactive discussion. Questions will be also taken from the audience via SLIDO.
  • At the end of 35min, the moderator will then provide closing remarks and a conclusion to the panel session.
  • The moderator and panellists will be introduced via email prior to the event. Do take the opportunity to discuss the topic and get to know each other.
  • No presentation required.



Key information for track/plenary chairperson


As Chairperson, your role is crucial to the success of the track. The basic requirements include:

  • Doing a short opening address (less than 2 minutes)
  • Introducing the speakers
  • Moderating any panel discussions if moderators are not stated 
  • Conducting the Q&A after each session (if there is time for this)

However, you are also the person who will set the tone for the conference. As such:

  • I need you to prepare an opening address that explains what will be discussed. Make this eloquent, interesting and substantial, and it will set the right tone for the track content.
  • I need you to help keep up the energy in the room. When you address the audience, be witty, amusing and energetic – they will respond accordingly.

Also, I need you to:

  • Manage the timing and help ensure the event runs on schedule (in consultation with the conference manager)
  • Manage the flow of information being shared and help ensure this is high quality. How to do this will be outlined below.



Key information for workshop leader


How it will work

  • The workshops are a pre-event component. They will happen at Level 3 @ Suntec Convention Center. Room numbers will be communicated closer to the conference date. 
  • Workshops are set to run for two hours (120min) and must be hands-on and interactive. 
  • The workshop size is restricted to maximum 45 attendees.
  • You will be provided with the following:
    • Laptop o Projector 
    • Stationary 
    • Post-Its
  • Should you have any additional requirements please let us know in advance 
  • Should you be keen to bring in your own device, please do let us know in advance. Also please make sure you carry your own connectors and dongles 
  • All attendees will be informed to carry their own fully charged laptops. Some charging ports will be made available in each room.






Do you have a question or concern?

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