EDUtech Show & Tell is a collection of stories of educational innovation – for educators, by educators. We will showcase the movers & shakers shaping our classrooms of the future. This is where teachers, lecturers, ed-tech coaches, and administrators share best practices, practical innovations and personal insights on teaching and improving processes with technology. 




Show & Tell Stage 2, Wednesday 8 November 2023

Kamran Mir
Show & Tell Stage 2

Geospatial model for distance education

  • Use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for distance education management
  • Use of GIS in online teaching using map stories
  • Use of spatial learning analytics
Ericson Dimaunahan
Show & Tell Stage 2

Why implement the Flipped Classroom modality

  • What is the Flipped Classroom modality?
  • Why implement Flipped Classrooms?
  • How do we implement it?
Mehrdad Mohasses
Show & Tell Stage 2

AI-mpowered Inclusion: Revolutionizing university education with Artificial Intelligence

  • Leveraging AI to support struggling learners and students with different skill levels.
  • Enhancing peer tutoring through synergistic AI integration.
  • Promoting proficiency in prompt engineering through training for faculty and students.
Aime Michelle Lazaro
Show & Tell Stage 2

It's The Teachers' Turn: Gamifying an online professional development course via a learning management system

  • Tips and insights on gamifying online courses from practitioners
  • Using the Learning Management System (LMS) as a delivery platform for gamified online teacher professional development (TPD) courses
  • Takeaways from a case study: STI's Basics of the EMBRACE Program
Geok Soon Sia
Show & Tell Stage 2

Blended learning

  • Promote retrieval practice among students via mobile learning
  • Easy integration of multimedia such as images, YouTube links, and quizzes
  • Changes are reflected with just a few clicks via Google Sheets
Hui Yan Yeong
Show & Tell Stage 2

Scaling for Success: Empowering large-scale experiential entrepreneurship education through game-based learning

  • Essential entrepreneurial skills for future talents
  • Game-Based Learning for experiential entrepreneurship
  • "Paradox of Theron" by Sunway University illustrates learning entrepreneurship through play
Justyn Olby
Show & Tell Stage 2

Gamification of education in the effective use of English

  • An online game to teach grammar
  • An online game to situate English usage in context
  • Rewards and badges etc. to track progress
Janice Antoniette Forster
Show & Tell Stage 2

Silver Screens: Unveiling the digital horizon — empowering Philippine seniors through tech education

  • Bridging the digital gap for Philippine seniors
  • Equipping seniors against misinformation
  • Empowering secure digital exploration for seniors
Ahmad Hafidzuddin Abdul Aziz
Show & Tell Stage 2

Implementing a hybrid learning model at Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

  • Collaborating with faculty to design a model that integrates in-person and online components
  • Upgrading tech as necessary for online support
  • Regular online and in-person assessments for progress
Panel discussion
Show & Tell Stage 2

UDL for Accessible and Visible Learning: A focus on Pre-Service early childhood educators

  • We have observed a wide disparity in attitude and aptitude in English Language proficiency (which is fundamental to becoming an effective early language and literary educator) and general teaching exposure/abilities in our diploma module, which has resulted in challenges relating to engagement, comprehension, and motivation.
  • We aimed towards ensuring accessibility in the learning process through the designing of lessons and the process of teaching so that it would cater to the diversity of student needs.
  • In order to achieve that, we decided to adopt the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as part of our overarching framework, considering that it is an approach that works to accommodate the needs and abilities of all learners. 
Roda Sanares
Show & Tell Stage 2


  • Since the bulk of twenty-first-century learners are currently game enthusiasts, gamification influences make learning become increasingly entertaining and fulfilling if students approach it as a game.
  • Gamification is just one tool in the educator's toolkit, and it should be used in conjunction with other teaching strategies and approaches.
  • Overall, gamification can create a more dynamic and engaging learning experience, and help students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their academic and professional lives.
Narentheren Kaliappen
Show & Tell Stage 2

Digital Content Development: Sharing my experience as a “Certified Content Creator”

  • Sharing the format of creating digital content on the Moodle platform
  • Creating lecture videos and PowerPoint slides
  • Creating interactive activities, interactive assessments, and feedback surveys
Mohd Shahri Mohd Akhir
Show & Tell Stage 2

Global Classroom: Beyond boundary engagement

  • Collaborative Online International Learning: students collaborate virtually while being mentored by an international partner (Higher Education Institute [HEI] or Industry)
  • Supports the Education 5.0 agenda that connects digital knowledge and technology to human social and emotional skills to promote universal well-being
  • Cuts the operations cost for students and HEIs, while giving students the chance to "experience" international study environments and cultures, supports blended learning, and boosts the micro-credential courses provided by the HEIs
Hamimah Binti Ujir
Show & Tell Stage 2

Navigating the Digital Age: Unveiling the power of digital fluency in higher education

  • Embracing the changing nature of digital fluency and using it to our advantage in higher education
  • Identifying the key competencies that constitute digital fluency in the higher education landscape
  • Exploring the alignment between digital fluency and employability skills
Marcia Nina Salvador
Show & Tell Stage 2

Integrating film in the curriculum to build media literacy and global citizenship

  • Media literacy and global citizenship are important knowledge learners need to acquire.
  • Film serves as a powerful tool to build media literacy and global citizenship.
  • A repository of curated films highlighting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a vehicle to empower and create ripples of change to communities.
Joel Yap
Show & Tell Stage 2

Establishing a positive and enjoyable teaching and learning atmosphere using humour

  • Crafting an engaging classroom atmosphere
  • Fostering attendance through pleasant and relaxing learning environments
  • Navigating humour's impact on learning
Chee Huei Lee
Show & Tell Stage 2

SUTD Remote Lab: An Internet of Things (IOT) System for teaching and learning

  • Our implementation of reverse engineering pedagogy in the "Designing Energy System" course at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
  • Interactive learning with IoT devices
  • Illustrating IoT data insights
Panel discussion
Show & Tell Stage 2

Scaffolding critical reflection to facilitate personal and professional learning via microlearning

  • Critical reflection as a facilitator in ongoing personal and professional learning towards learning outcomes and required professional standards
  • How the critical reflection micromodule was implemented to scaffold students’ critical reflection
  • What worked and what could be improved on in its implementation
Bina Rai
Show & Tell Stage 2

The elephant in the room

  • How might we transform the way biomedical undergraduate laboratory lessons are assessed to provide timely evidence of practical competence in solving real-world problems?
  • I developed a first-in-kind Virtual Reality lab simulation prototype integrated with an analytics platform to accurately assess a student’s lab procedural skills and theoretical knowledge of a bioanalytical method in a real-world scenario.
  • A pilot study provided evidence for
    • Deployment of serious games as an educational technology tool within a curriculum.
    • The ability to capture game event data as evidence for play-learners’ behaviour.
    • Establishing the potential of using serious games for assessment.
Voltaire Organo
Show & Tell Stage 2

Crafting a Research Roadmap: From ideas to experimental design

  • How do students develop a research topic? 
  • How do students organize their research ideas? 
  • How do students craft their research roadmap? 
Nachamma Sockalingam
Show & Tell Stage 2

Building Future-ready learner competencies through academia-industry collaboration and technology-enhanced experiential learning

  • The three purposes (and outcomes) of education are developing learning (knowledge); developing lifework (vocation); and developing living (citizenry, values, and sustainability) that enable individuals to live peacefully and collegially with one another in society. 
  • Traditionally, university courses have been taught by academic practitioners. However, there is a growing trend of including industrial partners for teaching and learning in higher education. The question is how can we build successful academia-industry collaborations in higher education?
  • In this session, we share our experience of forging such a successful academia-industry partnership in a university course on Leadership and Teambuilding. 
last published: 21/Sep/23 05:05


Show & Tell Stage 2, Thursday 9 November 2023

Chye Seng Lee
Show & Tell Stage 2

HyFlex Learning: Is it Classroom of the Future or transient hype for the Pandemic?

  • User requirements analysis
  • Classroom design considerations
  • Survey results from faculty and students
Muhammad Alif Redzuan Abdullah
Show & Tell Stage 2

TAKARAGASHI: The educational treasure hunt game

  • Treasure Hunt game is considered one of the most effective vocabulary activities among language games.
  • TAKARAGASHI is an educational treasure hunt game that uses geographical positioning with adventure narratives and puzzles.
  • It is important to integrate technology-based learning to engage students in their learning activities.
Vishal Shukla
Show & Tell Stage 2

The Internet of Things (IoT) in the Classroom: Real-time insights for better learning

  • Exploring possibilities with IoT in the classroom
  • Harnessing IoT for adaptive teaching insights
  • Empowering personalized learning through IoT innovation
Panel discussion
Show & Tell Stage 2

Integrating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Blended Learning: Scalability, sustainability and serviceability

  • Scalability: [1] Increase local and global reach [2] Accommodate range of class sizes [3] Multidisciplinary approach to maximise applicability to diverse fields [4] Asynchronous resource to facilitate flipped classroom method
  • Sustainability: [1] Open Education to ensure inclusive and equitable lifelong learning [2] Minimal requirements to upkeep [3] Enabling re-visiting or retrieval of content for future use
  • Serviceability: Use of established platform means we need not provide in-house solutions
Claudia Lim
Show & Tell Stage 2

Supercharge learner engagement without leaving PowerPoint

  • Beyond teaching and learning, see how the integrated solution can get every learner engaged in interactive quizzes.
  • See how educators have supercharged their lessons with increased engagement and improved results using a powerful toolkit that enhances your personal teaching style.
  • Teaching and learning are more engaging with gamification, this session will show, with hands-on experience, how you can supercharge your in-person, virtual and even hybrid lessons all within your PowerPoint slides.
Panel discussion
Show & Tell Stage 2

Jumpstart Minis: Teaching immersive tech to the masses

  • Free immersive technology workshops to inspire the general NUS community and help them create their own basic immersive tech projects
  • Provision of micro-credentials as testimonials to learners' proficiency in technology and strengthen their future-readiness
  • Immersive tech tools available at NUS Libraries for staff and students to explore further
Emily Toh
Show & Tell Stage 2

Flipped classroom

  • Designing of a flipped classroom
  • Usage of tools to generate data for monitoring students' understanding, collaboration, participation, assessment and students' experiences
  • Generation of data to document and improve practices
Show & Tell Stage 2

Enhancing Engagement and Success in Online Learning: Strategies for freshmen and transferees in MyLPULife

  • Unveiling MyLPULife: A deep dive into the fundamental building blocks of the online learning platform
  • Mastering MyLPULife: Optimising student navigation and interaction on the platform
  • Navigating the virtual classroom: resource access and assignment submission essentials
Floydeth Cortez
Show & Tell Stage 2

Integrating entrepreneurship into the curriculum

  • Nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset through curriculum integration
  • The essential role of entrepreneurship integration across disciplines
  • Equipping future leaders with innovative skills
Xia Sheng Lee
Show & Tell Stage 2

Innovative XR-based Pedagogy

  • From chalk and talk transitioning to experiential Immersive Learning
  • Advantages of innovative XR-based learning and teaching
  • Challenges and future direction
last published: 21/Sep/23 05:05



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