The masterclasses cover subjects such as Learning by Making and Personalised Learning. EduTECH Asia’s masterclasses are designed to be interactive, with smaller groups led by keynote speakers.


EduTECH Asia 2019 Masterclasses

Masterclass A: Learning by Making

Masterclass B: Personalisation Strategies for any School Model

Masterclass A

About Learning by Making Masterclass

Learning Outcomes:By the end of this workshop, participants will learn and be able to apply:
  • New maker activities that can be brought to their own educational environments including paper circuits, circuit stickers, toy hacking, and toy making
  • Methods for front loading or framing the maker experiences
  • A process for reflecting on making for the purposes of increasing learning following each make,
  • A variety of technology-based methods or ways for having learners reflect on their maker experiences
  • Strategies to bring a similar framework back to one's own work setting
Target Audience:This workshop is targeted for K-college teachers and curriculum designers. Groups will be established during the workshop based on educators and specialists who work with similar grade levels and content areas so they can discuss ideas and activities for their own schools and classrooms.

What to bring:

Laptop: PC, Chromebook, MacTablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Masterclass B

About Personalised Learning Masterclass

In this session, we’ll dive deep into practical personalization strategies. Whether your school is fully embracing PL and you need some tweaking, or you’re just beginning and don’t know where to start, this workshop is for you! We’ll work together to brainstorm and write plans for any school model.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this workshopparticipants will learn and be able to apply:
  • Supporting Students through PL
  • Personalization takes different forms, online and offline
  • Implementing student voice and choice in the classroom
  • Strategies for giving kids more control
  • Making it Work for Teachers
  • Ideas for how to make this sustainable and efficient for teachers
Target Audience: Teachers and school leaders seeking new personalization strategies

What to Bring
  • School or classroom schedule
  • Current school personalization strategy (What do you already do to personalize?)
  • Laptop or paper and pencil



Masterclass A

Activity One

  • Short Introduction to Maker Education
  • Introduction to Frontloading through providing essential questions; specifying standards; introducing personal skills to be learned; using scenarios; asking questions to help with scaffolding and sequencing the activities; framing the experience as a collaboratively, peer supported activity
  • 1st Make: LED Name Badges ; Paper Circuits –Circuit Stickers
  • Reflection on the Making Process - Group Reflection via Reflection Questions and a Maker Reflection Board Game
Masterclass B

Activity One

Block 1:
  • The why and what of Personalized Learning
  • Get up and move: Show where you are in the PL space
  • Defining Personalized Learning: whole-group thinking and defining process
  • Why personalize? What are our goals?
  • What does PL do for students?
  • What does PL do for educators?
  • Finalize the why and what

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Masterclass A

Activity Two

  • Developing Frontloading Strategies - Group Brainstorm
  • 2nd Make: Toy Hack, Squishy Circuits, and/or Artbots
Masterclass B

Activity Two

Block 2:
  • Strategy share and brainstorm
  • Strategy share: What are we already doing in our schools?
  • Independently identify your goals. Write them down.
  • Sort into groups of 5 people with common goals.
  • Potential categories: Developing systems for online tools, incorporating student voice and choice in the classroom, assessment, developing agency, scheduling

Afternoon Break

Afternoon Break

Masterclass A

Activity Three

  • 2nd Reflection on the Making Process via Google Slides and other Web 2.0 Tools (e.g., Photo and/or Video Collage, Interactive Book, Sketch Drawing)
  • Group Drawing with LEDs - Developing One's Own Framework for Maker Education
  • Develop Goals for Bringing a Framework for Maker Education Into One’s Own Instructional Setting
Masterclass B

Activity Three

Block 3:
  • Setting an action plan
  • Write down long-term goals (1 year)
  • Write three steps toward achieving this goal.
  • Write one specific benchmark per month toward meeting this goal.
  • Share your goal with a partner, share contact information. Set times to check-in!
  • Write a letter to stakeholders in your school to share your plan and invite them to join in and champion the plan. Make room for divergent thinking!

End of Masterclass

End of Masterclass

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