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See how the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) prepares students to be Digitally Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution! Progressively, computers, information technology and emerging new frontier technologies such as Immersive Media and Artificial Intelligence are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. As Singapore progresses as a Smart Nation, IMDA has designed programmes to ensure that students are ready and adequately equipped with the necessary digital skills in a robust digital economy and to allow students to experience how technology can benefit the way they work, live and play.




The aim of the IMDA Lab on Wheels programme is to familiarise and introduce new and emerging tech to prepare citizens to be future ready digital citizens. This is done through bringing frontier technology interactive showcases, workshops and experiences to students and the community – to enable them to imagine the possibilities that emerging and future technology could bring to better everyday lives and spark their interest in tech.

Discover the amazing world of Immersive Technology

Come onboard and experience a variety of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality exhibits! From travelling to different virtual environments to simulating job scenarios, come discover the unlimited possibilities of Immersive Technology!

Artificial Intelligence

Do you know that we are interacting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) every day? From the Chatbots that pop up while shopping online, to the videos that YouTube recommends you, AI is everywhere! Hop on board our AI-themed bus for an exciting escape room experience. Learn more about AI as you race against the clock to solve puzzles with the help of interactive AI exhibits!

Digital Maker Programme

Join us at the Digital Maker showcase and see how students have created some of the most innovative projects through the Digital Maker programme. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how the teachers implemented the Digital Maker programme in their schools at IMDA zone. Meet the IMDA folks to find out how you can introduce Digital Making to your school!


Launched by IMDA in 2017, the Digital Maker programme uses the micro:bit, a pocket size coding device to inspire both students and adults to explore the possibilities of digital making. With the aim to nurture a new generation of digital natives with a passion to create with technology, IMDA works with schools and partners to make the micro:bits and digital making workshops easily accessible.



Media Literacy Council

Technological advancement has made the Internet an effective tool and platform for people to communicate, work, and play. However, the introduction of such an open platform has given rise to new problems and concerns that can be difficult to deal with. In the current digital and social media landscape, the Media Literacy Council (MLC), supported by IMDA, aims to respond to these new challenges by promoting media and digital literacies amongst the public. The Council will be launching a Teacher’s guide on Cyber-Bullying to equip educators with the knowledge and information to guide the students on combating cyber-bullying, and other preventive measures in classrooms.

Visit us to get a copy of the Teacher’s Guide to Cyber-Bullying, your one-stop source with all the necessary information on the issue and lesson plans on how to teach your primary, secondary, and tertiary students about it!








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