Whilst we are firm believers in the value of programmed, carefully planned content, we are also aware that some of the best insights come from spontaneous conversations with peers. After all, who is better placed to solve your most pressing challenges than those going through those same problems themselves?

With this in mind we are going to be running a whole afternoon of EduSLAM on day two (10 October) of the conference . This will be an unconference in format, with attendees able to self-select from over 20 different job function specific groups, network ahead of the show and dive into key discussion areas on-site at the conference.

Each group will have a facilitator who will help to steer the conversation over the course of the EduSLAM session. You are recommended to come to EduSLAM with a challenge in mind from your day-to-day work which can be discussed and problem solved during the session.

  • K-12 School Leaders
  • K-12 Administrators
  • Curriculum Leaders
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • SEN Leaders & Educators
  • Early Childhood Leaders & Educators
  • Tertiary Leaders & Educators
  • VET Leaders & Educators
  • Facilities & Operations
  • Library
  • Marketing
  • Digital Literacy
  • IT Leaders
  • Tertiary IT Leaders
  • Tech Leaders (Infants)
  • Tech Leaders (Junior School)
  • Tech Leaders (Middle School)
  • Tech Leaders (High School)





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