Essam Selim | Chairman and Former MD
Egyptian Railways Maintenance & Servces

Essam Selim, Chairman and Former MD, Egyptian Railways Maintenance & Servces

Railway/Metro Operation, Maintenance and Safety
40 years of experience, the last 8 years in Railways & Metro, 32 years in the oil and gas business including 13 years in Abu Dhabi with the international organizations BP and Total, 23 years in oil and gas fields, 9 years in project management and business development, and the last six years are in executive management post as Chairman and Managing Director of the Egyptian National Railways Maintenance Company. Mr. Selim have been loaned from the Ministry of Petroleum to the ministry of Transport to assist to undertake the new scheme, he came from a culture that knows how to implement safety and consider it the responsibility of every person in the organization and it is inclusive in each job description he have been involved as a member in an Accident Investigation Teams, it have been always difficult to convince some of the team members that we should look for the root cause of the problem not always blaming the crossing guard of any crossing accident because he was absent.  
My experience included 5 years in chairing Egyptian National Railways company responsible of daily operations of 1000 trips and one million passengers and 10 million tones’ of freight yearly , the rolling stock fleet of 700 diesel- electric locomotives, 3500 passenger coaches and 6000 freight wagon.. My responsibility included but not limited to upgrade the Egyptian Railways operation to restore an acceptable performance level after ages of negligence that resulted to 50 % of the rolling fleet was unavailable, the operation service was unacceptable, its cargo transport market share dropped from 20 % to 3 % and the annual finance defect was around one billion Egyptian pound
Railways/Metro Operation & Maintenance


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