Not only will you be able to meet the best in-class leading solution providers, you can build your own programme over the two days and attend as many FREE seminars as you can fit in!
Don't miss these key seminars:
Day One - 7 August 2018

10:40 - 10:55

Harness the power of Virtual and Mixed Reality

Experience a sample of a professional development workshop where we showcase how your business can create detailed 3D models to demonstrate building designs, room interiors and architectural plans and then view them in Virtual and Mixed Reality. Create annotations to your 3D designs and even stereoscopic audio as you physically walk around your designs for a full immersive experience. This creates an incredible ‘wow’ factor! Stop expensive outsourcing of your content and train your staff on how to begin creating and designing internally in 1-2 days! There are FREE versions of all the software that will be demonstrated in this exciting but brief demonstration.

Steve Iuliano, Head of Professional Development, Harvey Norman Business & Enterprise

11:00 - 11:20

Sharing & collaborating on classified content via a protected cloud service

Have you been struggling to share and collaborate on classified content? Are your current systems unable to support PSPF and data classification markings ‘out-of-the-box’? Do you have a need to work with people from diverse nationalities and security clearance levels? Until now, government agencies have not had any real solution for these challenges and has resorted to implementing expensive, bespoke or heavily tailored commercial products that are difficult to maintain, hard to scale up to meet security requirements, and cannot be extended beyond the boundary of a single agency.

archTIS is very pleased to be introducing a new PROTECTED cloud service: KOJENSI GOV. Designed specifically to meet the ISM, PSPF and other Australian Government regulations and challenges, KOJENSI GOV is a secure content and collaboration service available through a government-certified PROTECTED cloud. This short demonstration will show how KOJENSI GOV resolves the challenges of sharing and collaborating on intra-agency PROTECTED information. It provides users with differentiated access to content within shared workspaces so that each user receives a tailored view of the content based on their security clearance, nationality, organisation and other security and sharing settings.

Martin Tucek, Product Manager, archTIS

Debbie Tucek,
Marketing & Product Design Executive, archTIS

11:30 - 11:45

New age of digital buildings

Advantages of a digital building go well beyond energy savings and optimized building operations. For many organizations, the true benefit of a highly connected building is a more satisfying customer experience, higher government employee productivity and satisfaction, better student performance, or improved patient health. The digital building isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is made more agile by IoT. More than 20 years ago, communication and data were converged onto the same network and access control and security followed several years later. Since the early 2000s, more and more systems have converged onto the network, making buildings smarter, more efficient, and easier to manage. Learn how to take advantage of the New Age of Digital Building integration from one of the market leaders in this Industry.

Paddy Kelly, Technical Systems Engineer, Panduit

12:40 - 12:55

Machine Learning and analytics using and open data science approach

Data Science in an enterprise environment with strong security restrictions, mean that leveraging the latest publicly available algorithms, libraries and approaches is difficult. In this talk we will propose an approach to leverage petabyte-scale open data science, while still maintaining.

Kunal Taneja, Senior Sales Engineer, Cloudera

1:00 - 1:15

From innovation to differentiation: bridging the digital transformation gap

How K2 empowers you to drive your digital transformation strategy. Join this 15-minute minute presentation showcasing the value of process automation in Government. 

Igor Jericevich, Process Specialist, K2

1:25 - 1:45

Perfecting your digital presence: understanding your website, the data on it and how to take control

Digital assets need to be understood and protected before they can be effectively utilised to create genuine value. Discover how Siteimprove technology provides visibility into every aspect of your website performance, with insights across Quality Assurance, SEO, Accessibility and Data Privacy.

  • Insight into Government website benchmarks
  • Understanding data on your website
  • Creating synergies to optimise digital presence
  • Streamlining and strengthening team efficiencies
  • Taking control of personal data online
  • Effectively measure and track performance

Dave Bearth , Head of Product Enablement ANZ,  SiteImprove

2:00 - 2:20

Measuring the impact and outcomes of social program investment

Governments continue to look towards the implementation of social and environmental programs by external parties. This leads to the need for greater transparency and accountability for public money. NFP’s and other social investors are facing ever increasing challenges of responding to these greater demands on transparency accountability and the need to do more with less.

Damien Zeller, Chief Operating Officer, Tactiv Pty Ltd

5:00 - Networking Drinks


Day Two - 8 August 2018

10:15 - 10:30

The Future of Government Digital IDs

Learn about Digital ID Challenges Government, Not For Profits and Corporate entities face today - Get insight into the key components when considering a Digital ID platform - Be introduced to cc2GO and 878TEN Digitial Identifiers - participants in the 2017 GovHack and were inclded in Winners list as Honourable Mention in 2 Categories

Understand the importance of Digital ID Security and how to minimise Hack attacks - Expand your knowledge and learn about ways to simplify on-boarding new customers be it G2C, G2B or G2G through a single Digital ID - Understand the challenges of existing Logins and Portals - Review ways to share data across Agencies and NFPs as well as users securely including integrating Government ID Gateways

Understand the importance of Front-End User experience and its impact in capturing Data to conduct Checks - Review how Authentication (including biometrics) technology fits and works with Digital IDs today and see a glimpse in the future - Review the ITUs Universal Personal Telephone numbers (UPT) and how this Australian managed Global standard called UPT will impact Digital ID and anything IP including in Government

Learn about Digital ID convergence and the breadth of possibilities behind a Digital ID

Christian Kazamias, Chief Experience Officer, Founder, cc2GO Wireless Technologies

12:40 - 1:00

Secure collaboration within and
  between agencies and industries

Need to collaborate with other government agencies or with your industry partners? Collaboration is critical for increasing productivity, promoting innovation and speeding the decision-making processes. For the government agencies, however, collaborating on classified content has proven challenging with members outside their agencies, be they remote workers, contractors, consultants or personnel from collaborating agencies. They need to provide access to information in order to ‘get the job done’, but at the same ensure that sensitive or classified content is not exposed to unauthorised personnel.

KOJENSI GOV is a secure content and collaboration cloud service that has been designed specifically to resolve these challenges. Hosted within an accredited PROTECTED cloud environment, KOJENSI GOV enables agencies to rapidly set up shared workspaces where each user receives a personalised view of the content based on their security clearance, nationality, organisation and other security and sharing settings. Authorised industry personnel and consulting staff can gain secure differentiated access to the shared workspace and commence work straight away on unclassified content provided by the agency. Higher security clearances can be applied at a later date to give contractors access to relevant classified content upon their next login to the same shared workspace

Once users have access to classified content, they can work directly within the shared workspace, so that sensitive or classified content does not need to be removed from a secure environment. Moreover, users can be given restricted ‘view only’ access to all content within the workspace, so they can read the information relevant to their project, goal or mission, without changing or removing it from the secure environment.

This demonstration will show how KOJENSI GOV can enable multiple organisations to rapidly stand up a shared digital workspace that enables users from diverse security classifications, nationalities and organisations, to share and collaborate on those information assets that are needed and authorised for their use.

Martin Tucek, Product Manager, archTIS

Debbie Tucek,
Marketing & Product Design Executive, archTIS


Are you equipped to fight Email Fraud?

  • What is email fraud and why is it a problem in Government
  • DMARC overview and email business risks it solves
  • Challenges and risks of implementing DMARC
  • Overview of the Proofpoint Email Fraud Defence Service

Marc De Frontignac, CISSP, Senior Sales Engineer Proofpoint

1:25 - 1:40

The importance of and strategy around cybersecurity within government organisations

The threat of cyber-attacks is at an all-time high as foreign nations, terrorists, and cyber criminals see state and local government IT infrastructure as an extremely attractive target for data theft, attacks, and disruption. Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, and significantly better funded, to pursue their ultimate target – your network assets. Firewalls and Antivirus software helps, but they cannot guarantee the security of your critical data. Learn how Belkin is assisting leading Government Organisations globally to protect valuable network assets from cyberattack.

Ashoka Rajagopal, Director of Cyber Security, Belkin