Gus Mclachlan | AO (MAJGEN Retd), Professor (Practice) Leadership and Management Consultant
Monash University

Gus Mclachlan, AO (MAJGEN Retd), Professor (Practice) Leadership and Management Consultant, Monash University

Gus McLachlan recently completed a 37-year career in the Army. He completed his tenure as the leader of Forces Command, the largest unit of The Australian Defence Force and comprising 35,000 people. Prior to that, he had extensive involvement in capability development and modernisation where he was responsible for digitising the Army, transforming legacy structures to allow the growth of cyber, electronic warfare and additional intelligence capacity and helping create the Defence system of innovation. He has operational service in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and most recently in Afghanistan where he was the senior campaign planner for the NATO-led coalition.

Gus now advises Monash University faculties on research and innovation and consults on leadership and management.


Day 1 @ 11:05

Army cyber capability

  • Cyber, electronic warfare and intelligence capability
  • Robotics and data analytics within the Australian army
  • Anticipating disruption by emerging technologies and organisations
last published: 08/Aug/19 07:15 GMT
last published: 08/Aug/19 07:15 GMT

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