Day One - 7 August 2018

9:00 Opening remarks by Chair

Adam Spencer , Maths Geek, Author, Comedian, and Media Personality

9:10 Solutions for a society facing now more serious threats than ever
  • Overview of the government projects that focus on threats beyond our geographic, legal, and digital borders
  • Minister’s view on privacy, big data and government vs consumer data rights
  • What government is working towards
The Hon. Angus Taylor , Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security
The future of work
David Oakley , Vice President and Managing Director, ANZ, ServiceNow
9:50 How to turbocharge your data transformation
  • How US federal data was improved and how we are achieving holistic visibility to $3.7 trillion of US Government spending
  • Research insights into federal grant reporting (worth over $600 billion in revenue), and how the US is working towards automating grantees’ compliance burden
  • Discussion on bringing system-wide transparency for government agencies and the budget saved through holistic visibility of government spending
Hudson Hollister , Executive Director, Data Coalition , President, Data Foundation (USA)
10:10 Morning tea, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
10:50 What are the current and future cyber security threats?
  • Challenges & opportunities in cyber eco-system
  • What are the current global cyber threats?
  • What are the future global cyber threats?
  • What you can do and what you cannot do
  • The Ultimate Goal: Trustworthy Systems
Avi Shavit , The Strategic Advisor in Cyber Security for the Israeli Innovation Authority (Israel)
Using cyber data to deliver advanced threat intelligence
  • How collection, correlation and context combined with augmented intelligence deliver improved threat analysis and response
  • How executives should be looking at managing Cyber risk through data
Brad Thomas OAM  , CEO, Prophecy International
11:30 Lessons learned from preparing for major events

There are many cyber security challenges and risks for hosting major events such as the G20 and the Commonwealth Games. We will discuss lessons learned from hosting major events in Australia, and share a cyber security framework for building a cyber defence capability.

Robert Champion  , Executive Director, Cyber Security Unit and QGCIO,  Queensland Government

Leon Fouche , Partner and National Cyber Security Lead, BDO Australia

11:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Women in cyber
  • Encouraging more women into public sector cyber security workforce
  • Barriers and skills gap for women in cyber roles
  • Incentivising organisations to boost the new cyber roles
Moderator: Amy Roberts , Assistant Director, Learning and Development, Australian Cyber Security Centre
Charlotte Wood,  A/Director, Cyber Security Operations,  Office of the NSW Government Chief Information Security Officer
Prof Jill Slay AM , La Trobe Chair of Cyber Security
Richard Addiscott, Chief Security Officer, Silver Chain Group
12:30 Lunch, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
14:00 Mandatory data breach notification and Australia's regulations in the global spotlight
  • Australia's new Notifiable Data Breach Scheme: lessons from the first 6 months
  • Where do Australia's privacy and data breach regulations sit in the global digital economy?
  • The global impact of the GDPR: what does it mean for Australian organisations
Susan Bennett, Principal, Sibenco Legal & Advisory
14:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Cyber human factors- why employees are still a security risk
  • Rise of insider threat
  • Social engineering
  • Strategies to mitigate the risk
  • Set up the right structure for strong cyber security
Dr. Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage , Lecturer in Cyber Security, University of New South Wales
Jordan Race , Head of ICT Infrastructure Engineering Information and Communications Technology, TAFE NSW  
Susan Bennett ,  Principal, Sibenco Legal & Advisory
Otavio Freire, President and CTO, SafeGuard Cyber
14:50 PANEL DISCUSSION: Cyber engagement and awareness
  • Selling cyber to the board and senior management
  • Cybersecurity stakeholders
  • Cyber training and awareness
Darren Argyle , CISO, icare
Carmel Ali, GM, Information and Safety, Chief Security Officer, Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua (NZ)
15:20 Afternoon tea, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
16:10 Cloudy with a chance of trust.
  • What is trust?  Local cloud providers can demonstrate that we have built trustworthiness into our platforms because we have used trusted technology, we work with trusted partners and we enable trusted government services delivered from secured cloud environments.
  • Trusted technology -   You can trust local cloud providers because you know that they have gone though the security certification process and have designed their clouds to be secure from the ground up.
  • Trusted partners -   We use partners so if things go wrong you have an ecosystem of partners to help you. You are not dependent on only one vendor.
Rupert Taylor-Price , CEO,  Vault
AI meets government
  • Overview of the biggest projects happening in government(s) using AI, data analytics, automation
  • If I was a federal or state government CIO, where do I start?
  • What is what small project I could undertake that would get me started on implementing AI?
Professor Toby Walsh , Professor of Artificial Intelligence, UNSW Sydney, Data61
16:50 Will robots need passports? Extending the digital id across the Internet of Things (IoT)

Twenty five years ago, on the internet nobody knew you were a dog. Now they don’t know if you’re a fridge pretending to be a dog. Pretty soon they won’t know if you’re a bot pretending to be a fridge pretending to be a dog. In a world of fake identities and fake news, where it is your car’s braking system getting hacked not your credit card, we need to up the priority of digital identity and we need to develop digital identity infrastructure for people, things and bots. This presentation sets out a practical model for digital identity and explores how we might make progress in solving some the key problems.

David Birch , Author, Advisor & Commentator on Digital Financial Services (UK)
Networking drinks

Day Two - 8 August 2018

CHAIRPERSON: Charlotte Wood , Manager of Cyber Security Engagement, Office of the NSW Government Chief Information Security Officer
9:00 How Israel became a world-leader on cyber security
  • How Israel achieved its cyber security success?
  • Policy and Practice which supports or inhibits cyber innovation.
  • Building eco-system and collaboration private enterprise with public sector and academia
  • Which technologies will propel Israel’s cyber success?
  • What are the roadblocks to innovation and how can they be
Avi Shavit , Strategic Adviser Cyber Security, Israeli Innovation Authority, Ministry of Economy (Israel)
Our cultural journey towards cyber resilience
  • The journey of maturity over the last few years, in particular the success in the cyber security area 
  • Lessons learned that we are using in other areas, what worked well, what was fun and resulted in good engagement, but no long-term change in behaviour 
  • How we apply continuous improvement to cyber and other areas within security and the broader group
Carmel Ali  , General Manager, Information Safety, Chief Security Officer, Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua (NZ)  
9:50 Policies and strategies implemented to reduce cyber-crime
  • What are the latest cyber crime threats facing the public sector
  • Continuously responding and adapting cyber security policies
  • Collaboration of industry, law enforcement and government to outpace cyber criminals
Commander David McLean , Manager Cybercrime Operations,  Australian Federal Police
10:10 Morning tea 
11:00 Delegates will select their roundtables ahead of the event – choosing the topic that is most pertinent to their role and their enterprise. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to share your own experiences and take a deep dive into your most pressing issues facing your team. Bring the team, split up, ask questions, get answers and compare notes back at the office. This is knowledge sharing and intelligence gathering on a whole new level.

Attend up to 3 x 30 min roundtable topics.
12:30 Lunch, exhibition exploration, and expo main stage presentations
14:00 PANEL: How will the next wave of disruptive technology affect cyber security in government
  • Impact of AI, Machine learning, Cloud and IoT
  • Ways to identify, diagnose and resolve these challenges
  • Securing mobile and IoT devices to prevent data breach
Dr Tobias Feakin , Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Lee Dolsen , APAC Technical Director, Zscaler
Gary Blair , CEO Oxford Martin Associate, The Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre (UK)
14:30 PANEL: Collaboration between industry, government, academia and vendors
  • What government can learn from private sector cyber security
  • How government can partner with private sector on cyber security
Jamie Norton , CISO, ATO
Richard Addiscott , Chief Security Officer, Silver Chain Group
Damien Manuel, Director - Cyber Security Research and Innovation Centre (CSRI), Deakin University
and Chairman – Australian Information Security Association (AISA)
15:00 Cyber workforce closing the skill gap
  • Mastering the cyber security skill crisis
  • Realigning education and outcomes to industry requiurements
  • Growing the cyber workforce
Adam P. Henry , Australian co-lead for the Cybersecurity Workforce Alliance (CWA)
15:20 Protecting Australia's critical infrastructure in a digital age
  • Protecting Australia's Critical National Infrastructure:  Update on Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 and National Security Legislation Amendment (Espionage and Foreign Interference) Act 2018 and overview of the new obligations and implications for cyber security
  • Comparative analysis of overseas approaches to the protection of critical infrastructure
Keely O'Dowd, Senior Associate, KL Gates