6th August:  8:30am - 5:00pm
7th August:  8:30am - 3:00pm 


The Cyber Security in Government brings together leading cyber security professionals from Federal and State government, alongside private sector industry leaders. The aim is to discuss issues and projects around cyber security, share knowledge, and find solutions.

If you are involved in evaluating, purchasing or implementing cyber security within your department or organisation, then this is where you can:


  Meet with over 150+ exhibitors demonstrating the most advanced technologies driving ICT initiatives at all levels of government
  Attend FREE seminar sessions where you can hear from world leading solution providers

Understand which ICT products and services can help you achieve cost savings and improve effectiveness





Taking place over the 2 days of exhibition, you will hear from world-leading solution providers

Why privacy regulation is great for the public and private sectors

Secure Application Development in a Micro-Service World

The future of authentication. Secure passwordless login for employees and customers

Application Access Governance

The Future Workforce - Are You Ready?

Convene. Secure Governance, Secure Decisions

Game Changing Fraud Aware Security for your business

Can IT deliver the '1-click' customer experience?