Richard Fenrich | Chief Executive Officer
Identification International, Inc

Richard Fenrich, Chief Executive Officer, Identification International, Inc

After receiving advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, Richard Fenrich worked on solving difficult pattern recognition problems for the United States Postal Service. This role, a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Excellence in Document Analysis and Recognition [CEDAR], motivated Mr. Fenrich to launch a successful document management company to address postal and law enforcement imaging needs.

Consequently, Mr. Fenrich founded Identification International, Inc. in 2004 to bring new fingerprint technology to the law enforcement market. After 20+ technical papers, 15+ patents, and a few years, Mr. Fenrich and his team are introducing new 3D fingerprint technology to the market.

At connect:ID Mr Fenrich will moderate a roundtable discussion, on the historical limitations of adoption of such 3D technology.


connect:ID Day 2 @ 15:10


Applications and Use Cases for 3D Fingerprints

last published: 01/May/19 16:15 GMT

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