Marsel Wachter | Consultant, Population Office
City of Amsterdam

Marsel Wachter, Consultant, Population Office, City of Amsterdam

Marsel Wachter is a Senior employee of Team Identity Fraud (TIF), at the City of Amsterdam Basisinformatie.

Marsel first started working for the municipality of Amsterdam in 1990 at the department responsible for the registration of new citizens relocating to Amsterdam from abroad.  In 2004 he switched to the TIF, a joint venture between the Amsterdam Police and the municipality. The TIF was set up to fight and prevent identity fraud in Amsterdam. To fulfill this mission they give training and do research in the field of identity fraud.

The Team Identity Fraud was set up for a remarkable reason, on October 4th 1994 an EL AL Boeing 747 (Jumbo Jet) cargo aircraft crashed into two blocks of flars in Amsterdam Bijilmermeer. In order to find out who survived the disaster, the mayor of Amsterdam appealed to the media and people living in the apartments to report themselves. There was talk that the government would grant a pardon to the people who lived there illegally, without a staying permit - from several European countries hundreds of people reported to this call. The government, shocked by the amounts of illegal residents, found the Identity Fraud team in 1998.

Marsel has a Bachelors degree in business, finance and law. He was trained as a document specialist, to expert level by the Netherlands Royal Marechaussee.


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