Jeffrey Goh | Chief Executive Officer
Star Alliance

Jeffrey Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Star Alliance


Aviation Festival Asia - Premium Conference Day One @ 08:50


Asian aviation is changing: with more passengers flying than ever, a growing number of LCCs taking over not only regional markets but also long-haul flights, and new technology radically changing passengers’ expectations from their flying experience, airlines need to adapt – and quickly. With increasing pressures on yields, a high operating cost environment and more competition for passengers than ever before, the winners will be the ones who innovate. This session will bring together leaders from a combination of FSCs and LCCs to discuss their views on innovation, technology and changing business strategies, first through a series of 10 minute interviews and then in a lively panel discussion.

Aviation Festival Asia - Premium Conference Day One @ 09:45


  • Where should airlines be prioritising spending and budgets?
  • Are there opportunities for LCCs and FSCs to work together through alliances?
  • Long-haul-low-cost: a threat to the traditional airline business model?
  • In an age of increasing competition & ultra-low-cost carriers, is loyalty dead?
last published: 14/Feb/19 03:25 GMT

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