Smart-Towkay Pte. Ltd.


Smart Towkay is committed to helping local SMEs to find the right business banking financial products with easy-to-use self-serve comparison tools. We are the first SME business banking product comparison and aggregator marketplace to empower 'Towkays' to make sound financial decisions regarding company financing. With our proprietary A.I aggregator, SMEs benefit by assessing both financial institutions and alternative lenders with one quick application. Based on set criteria from individual lenders, SMEs can get an in-principal(IPA)approval from our platform that often results in >80% final approval. In this instance, SMEs make informed decisions about the loan they are taking as all rates and terms and conditions are transparent in the IPA. Smart Towkay is founded by an ex-corporate banker and insurance agent with more than 20+ years of experience between them.



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