Motus is the world’s first and only traveler-dedicated Ad Exchange and Ad Server in the world. It is a travel tech space that helps transportation providers in-air and on-ground to maximize revenues by connecting their inventory to sources of programmatic advertising. The Motus Ad Platform allows programmatic buyers to bid on Motus inventory via real-time bidding (RTB). The Motus Private Exchange provides massive scale, quality inventory, exclusive data sets and revolutionary ad formats that drive peak performance for multi-location offline and online advertisers.

Motus bridges gaps between the fractured digital marketing and advertising ecosystems by allowing brands to reach their audiences more effectively and run campaigns seamlessly across all media platforms - both online and offline, on and off the ground. It connects brands and users via transport operator portals/apps, driving passenger engagement. It works with airlines with digital Offerings including, primarily, internet connectivity and entertainment platforms, which users can access via personal their devices. The products allow airlines to monetize these offerings via advertising, allowing users to enjoy free entertainment and internet connectivity, and gives the advertiser invaluable insights via a patent-pending Consumer Travel Graph and human-driven data analytics.



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