Alpha Tango Air Ltd.


Alpha Tango Air Limited has recently been formed to operate as a For- Profit Corporation offering 
low cost to Charter flight, Medical Air Transport and Air Ambulance Service nationwide 
to those who need it to do so to receive necessary medical treatment for life threatening 
health conditions. Alpha Tango Air is also an innovative business idea developed to enter the 
Ghanaian market with the main purpose of restructuring and to provide air service to smaller 
airports and cities not serviced by major airlines, thus providing the air travel customer with 
direct flights to more cities and towns. ATA's new charter airline will base its business and 
marketing strategies on achieving high, and profitable, load factors through absorption of 
unmet demand in three key air-traffic categories: unserved and under-served routes on which 
high unmet demand currently exists or can be readily developed; serving key niche markets 
where demand is either unmet or poorly served; and meeting peak traffic demands on certain 
key regional, seasonal, and variable routes where very high load factors can be predicted 
despite existing but lower-quality competition, or where competition cannot meet the 
A key element contributing to the success of this new carrier will be its organizational and 
management team. Leading this team are Theophilus Tetteh Karimu, Andrew 
Bosumtwi Sam and its investor partners who know the region and its business needs. 
Alpha Tango Air, together with its partner companies and associations, identify
business and profit opportunities,  develop projects and strategic partnerships to 
implement and benefit from them.