3IPK.com is a pioneering startup offering a blockchain-based process management system tailored for the aerospace industry. Their solution focuses on enhancing competitiveness by reducing overhead costs associated with complex aerospace processes. This is achieved through advanced blockchain technology, which streamlines the management of extensive supply chains, engineering, manufacturing processes, and quality control. The integration of cutting-edge data analytics, artificial intelligence, and process mining techniques further strengthens their offering, making 3IPK a vital partner in the aerospace sector.

Key features include efficiency in certification and airworthiness process cost reduction, real-time tracking and tracing with secured fingerprinting, supply chain automation through smart contracts, and fostering a culture of transparency and self-responsibility. Their solutions target process inefficiencies, reducing supply chain management costs, and enhancing transparency and traceability. Notably, the European Space Agency is among their esteemed clients, underscoring the reliability and effectiveness of 3IPK's innovative solutions