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Using loyalty schemes to maintain brand awareness during the Covid-19 pandemic

16th April 2020 3:30 PM (SGT)

How can airlines use their loyalty schemes as part of their response to the Covid-19 crisis? As airlines and authorities react to the ever-evolving pandemic, many airlines have already taken steps to mitigate the impact to their business and increase assurances for existing customers using their loyalty programs. Attend this webinar to learn about the loyalty strategies that have been put in place, and their ongoing contingency plans.

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Engaging your staff remotely with remote learning

30th April 2020 3:30 PM (SGT)

The industry has had to take drastic steps to protect their businesses, especially when it comes to their employees. Many companies have had to make the difficult decision to furlough their staff, while staff not furloughed are working from home. How do you engage these staff? Remote learning and micro learning opportunities can play an important role in your plans, but how do you implement and digitalise learning and how do you ensure employee buy in?

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Managing your fleet during the COVID-19 pandemic

7th May 2020 2:00 PM (SGT)

With the demand for air travel lower than it has ever been before, what do airlines do with their fleet? Whilst most airlines have grounded most of their fleets, are there other options from turning passenger planes into cargo planes to leasing the fleet out? And how do airlines prepare their fleet for the capacity shifts that are expected as we emerge from the pandemic?

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Looking Forward: How airlines can acquire and convert customers after the crisis

15th May 2020 3:00 PM (SGT)

As airlines battle with grounded planes and light demand, glimmers of a restart are emerging. In this webinar, we will look past the crisis to present an actionable plan for airlines to find and convert customers, using proven fare marketing techniques.

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Setting a marketing strategy to match the reduced appetite for travel

21st May 2020 3:30 PM (SGT)

Customers are not buying tickets right now, but airlines want to maintain brand awareness, so marketing strategy has to be adapted to right the current climate. On this webinar, marketing experts from Japan Airlines and Air Mauritius will discuss the dos and don’ts of marketing in a time of crisis, and how to avoid alienating customers whilst keeping your airline in the minds of the consumer.

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How the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the airport experience, now and in the future

28th May 2020 3:30 PM (SGT)

The travel restrictions that are putting airlines under huge financial strain also led to one of the worst months on record for the airport industry. Even with airports having higher profit margins than airlines, and regarded as key national infrastructure, they are having to come up with contingency plans. But can these contingency plans be a part of a future proofed, more digitalised airport? Join airport experts from Asia as we discuss the future of the airport experience.

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What is the future of the Europe-Asia market?

2nd June 2020 4:00 PM (SGT)

Connectivity from Asia to Europe was growing faster than any other region in the world but with a full recovery quite a few years off, can we assume that the recovered industry can look the same way it does now? Will the major routes and hubs still be the same, and will the same airlines be dominant? Join Volodymyr as he forecasts what the market will look like.

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Covid-19 and the New Normal in the Chinese aviation market

16th June 2020 3:30 PM (SGT)

At the start of the pandemic, many were questioning when the aviation market would start to recover and what that recovery would look like. The Chinese market is looking to be a template for recovery. In February, at the height of the virus in China, load factors hit a low of 40%, but they are heading up to 60% and domestic flights are recovering. Is this the same model that is going to be replicated across the world and is China still on track to be the largest aviation market in the world? Join experts on the Chinese market as they discuss the “new normal” and the future of the Chinese aviation market.

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