AI, data driven tech and the future of aviation



AI and data driven technology are already driving massive change and advantage in aviation, but there is so much more to come. And it is just around the corner. This is why we have created AIVIATION and we aim to be the world’s most important and largest event. Where the future is made: from revolutions in Air Traffic Control to the reality of un-manned commercial aircraft.



The conference will include the following themes:

AI & Machine Learning

Regulation & Standards

Unmanned 2.0

Air Traffic Control

Weather Tech



Who Sponsors?

• Avionics

• OEM, Turnkey Systems

• AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics Implementation Partners, Consultants

• ATC Systems

• IOT, M2M

• Un-manned Systems

• Cyber Security


• Simulators, Training

• Satellite Tech

• Weather Tech

• Research, University, Start-up

Who Attends?

• Commercial Airlines

• Cargo and Logistics

• Air Traffic Control

• Airports

• Regulators and Government

• Research Institutions






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To sponsor or exhibit contact:
Adam Ball
Tel:   +65 6322 2705

To speak contact:
Louisa Manning  
Tel:  +65 6322 2338