Roslyn Colagrossi | Manager Service Development
Qantas | Australia

Roslyn Colagrossi, Manager Service Development, Qantas

Roslyn Colagrossi is the Service Design Manager for Qantas Lounges and has worked in the aviation industry for over a decade. This time has quite literally flown from her first role on the frontline as an A380 onboard manager to later leading the learning & development team. In recent years she has found her passion for customer experience and flair in service design. Roz credits her Italo-Australian upbringing for her convivial approach to hospitality; she loves nothing more than bringing people together with good food and good wine, striving to design Qantas service experiences that echo its ‘feel at home’ ethos. The Qantas Dreamliner project was a career highlight as she played a key role in bringing that dream for Qantas to life. Constantly seeking inspiration both at home and abroad, Roz knows she works best with a piccolo latte in one hand and Qantas boarding card in the other.


Workplace Learning Day 1 @ 11:15

New Era, Same Spirit

How did Qantas prepare their cabin crew for an aircraft yet to be built? Three simulations and a great project team later, the dream of the 787 Dreamliner came to life.

Ensure your seat belt is firmly fastened for this presentation, which will take you behind the scenes of how simulations enabled the service design for the world’s second longest flight and the training for over 1000 cabin crew in four geographically diverse locations.
last published: 15/May/19 01:25 GMT

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