Ravina Bhatia | Learning Design and Delivery Manager
Macquarie Group | Australia

Ravina Bhatia, Learning Design and Delivery Manager, Macquarie Group

Ravina has over 18 years of global experience in learning with a passion for learning strategy and helping organisations enhance their L&D function.

Her expertise spans strategic assessment of L&D capability, learning organisation/team diagnostics, strategic learning assessments, competency management, assessment strategy, design and execution (especially micro assessment campaigns & competency-based assessments), learning campaigns, synchronous & collaborative learning: strategy, design & facilitation, standard operating procedures (SOP) design & execution, as well as documentation management and design and execution of learning experiences.

In her most recent role, Ravina leads a design and delivery team that designs and executes commercially savvy, best-in-class learning and performance solutions to meet organisational goals.


Workplace Learning Day 2 @ 14:40

Informal First

The learning industry has been in the midst of a transformation.

There is a shift away from providing instruction and towards creating a learning ecosystem based on learning neuroscience, learner needs and business goals. There is a clear need for learning organisations to create a system that is suited to a fast-paced environment coupled with constant change while providing options to the learner that are intelligent and personalised.

Ravina will present this concept with an emphasis on the journey, the approach and the thinking, unpacking how this concept can be used as a team strategy and for learning campaigns along with the infrastructure required to implement it.
last published: 15/May/19 01:25 GMT

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