Nicole White | Founder And Creative Learning Designer
The ID Crowd | Australia

Nicole White, Founder And Creative Learning Designer, The ID Crowd

The ID Crowd is a digital learning agency all about creating great online learning and helping others to do the same - our mission is to raise the standard of what is accepted as digital workplace learning in Australia.

Nicole started The ID Crowd 5 years ago and has assembled a team of imaginative and dedicated learning designers, with decades of learning design experience to solve our client’s real-world business problems through education. 

Nicole has been a learning designer herself for over a decade. She is known for her big ideas and love of simple design. These days projects have been wrestled out of her hands (into more capable ones) and you can find her chatting to clients and industry peers over a cup of coffee (or a G&T), madly waving her hands around outlining all the possibilities!


Workplace Learning Day 2 @ 09:30

Start Ups: Small Businesses Taking on Big Learning Challenges

The ID Crowd, Guroo Producer and Saffire Solutions have one major thing in common, these startups exist because their founders left larger providers to create real change in the learning industry.

Join the three founders Nicole White, Josh Humphries and Tracy Richardson for a fireside chat about:
  • What is the core challenge in L&D today that lit a fire under each founder?
  • What are some examples of how these startups have tackled these challenges?
  • What can business (big and small) learn from how startups work?
  • What discussions need to be occurring in businesses to ensure healthy partnerships?
last published: 15/May/19 01:25 GMT

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