Marie Daniels | ANZ Pharmaceuticals Commercial Learning Lead
Bayer | Australia

Marie Daniels, ANZ Pharmaceuticals Commercial Learning Lead, Bayer

Learning and performance strategist, leader and sales enablement professional. Marie is passionate about transforming and modernising workplace learning to build the capability of teams and individuals. Marie leverages technology and evidence based insights to deliver strategies, models and techniques; to drive and shape a high performance learning culture to realise behaviour change and business results.


Workplace Learning Day 1 @ 14:00

A Chatbot Case Study - Creating Impact with Learning Transfer

Creating behavioural change is key to any learning initiative. It's proven that following up learning with a coaching-based methodology will deliver far superior results than training alone. Could chatbot technology be utilised to solve the age-old problem of transfer?

The presenters will share all from a case study that used an AI chatbot to drive behavioural change.

  • Discover an innovative approach of using AI chatbots for learning transfer and evaluation
  • Explore how lessons learned from chatbot usage in the marketing and service function can be applied to your learning initiatives
  • Find out about the powerful results from a case study into this experimental technology at a large pharmaceutical company
last published: 15/May/19 01:25 GMT

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