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Read Strategy | Australia

Jordana Read, Director, Read Strategy

Over the last 20 years, Jordana Read has worked with executive teams across Europe and Australia to deliver successful multi-million-dollar organisational change programs. During this time, she recognised the need to help organisations bring more heart and soul into the fabric of their people strategy. 

Jordana now works with learning and HR teams to integrate transformative learning practices into their training programs. These fundamental principles encourage the perspective shifts needed to support both the individual and organisation through rapid periods of change. 

Jordana’s vision is for every organisation to deliver transformative learning programs and to help support people through the psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges that accompany change.


Workplace Learning Day 1 @ 16:25

Six Keys to Creating a Transformational Learning Environment

High impact teaching strategies demonstrate that participants seek a learning environment in which they can engage in purposeful dialogue and share more of their true self (beyond personas and masks).

Whether you are leading a meeting, workshop, webinar or training session, there are simple and effective ways that you can create a transformational learning environment. This is an engaging and exciting space where participants can experience a deeper, multi-layered engagement with the material being presented. It is an environment in which perspectives can shift and business results can dramatically improve.

In this presentation, you will learn six keys that will help you to practically design and create a transformational learning environment:
  1. Blending transformational and instructional design principles
  2. Be intentional
  3. Show up as your whole self
  4. Speed of presence
  5. Safely exploring what is not being said
  6. Creating insightful actions.
As the Chinese proverb states, 'Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.' Create the potential for a deeper connection with participants, and facilitate memorable learning programs that will last a lifetime.
last published: 15/May/19 01:25 GMT

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