Geoff Peate | Learning and Development Specialist
Minara Resources Ltd | Australia

Geoff Peate, Learning and Development Specialist, Minara Resources Ltd

From his days as an accountant for Bond Corporation, through various consulting and business roles, Geoff has always found himself delivering training of some type. Finding a way to make accounting system training interesting was a challenge that stimulated Geoff’s interest in one day making learning and development his career, rather than an adjunct to his daily work.

Over time, Geoff has steered his career to meet that goal; first as a training manager at a national accounting firm, to several years running his own management and learning consultancy, to now being the learning and development specialist for a nickel mining company.

As his learning career has developed, so too has Geoff’s interest in becoming more effective in the instructor-led learning environment.  In that process, Geoff has become keenly interested in the role of facilitation as a means to increase learner value; and particularly the part understanding brain function has on increasing that learner value.


Workplace Learning Day 2 @ 13:30

Neuroscience of Facilitated Learning

Facilitating learning (some might call it ‘flipping the classroom’), rather than ‘training’ is an advanced skill; one that requires a fierce focus on the needs of the learner, as opposed to the needs of the trainer.

Understanding how the brain functions in the learning environment will vastly improve your ability to accelerate learning and engage with course participants.

The session will cover the following key concepts:
  1. Context before content
  2. Your brain on questions
  3. How action improves brain function and hence learning
  4. How involvement increases learning
  5. Embedding learning through action plans
last published: 15/May/19 01:25 GMT

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