Clare Edwards | Principal
BrainSmart Consulting | Australia

Clare Edwards, Principal, BrainSmart Consulting

Clare is a change-maker. She helps organisations to tap into the collective potential of their people so that they can master personal leadership, thrive in change and stay fully engaged. 

Clare worked as a senior manager for 16 years with global information technology companies before leaving the corporate world to follow her passion for people development.

She has consulted to organisations across the globe, specialising in the neuroscience of leadership and change and is on a mission to help people understand at a deeper level what’s going on between their ears, so that they have the next best thing to a manual for the mind.


Workplace Learning Day 2 @ 14:40

Making Learning Sticky with the Brain in Mind

We all agree that a critical success factor of training and development is that the skills and strategies learned are remembered, absorbed, applied and used back in the workplace. The most effective way to achieve this objective is to use brain-friendly learning principles.

When we understand how our brains learn, process and remember information, then we can create the best learning environments, both in the classroom and on the job for people to put their new skills and competencies to greatest use and in the shortest possible time.

Join Clare Edwards, brain-friendly learning strategist and explore how to make your learning sticky and stick!
last published: 15/May/19 01:25 GMT

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