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Arun Pradhan, Founder,

Arun Pradhan is the founder of, an enterprise solution for learning agility, and is an independent learning & performance consultant. He has taken the lead creative role in delivering learning campaigns and performance solutions to some of Australia’s largest banks, telcos, and retailers. 

Arun was awarded Australia’s Learning Professional of the Year Award by the Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD) in 2017 and the Award for Individual Excellence by the Australian eLearning Industry Association in 2015.


Workplace Learning Day 1 @ 09:45

Top Learning Trends Exposed: Transformative? Hype? Or just BS?

Forward thinking L&D professional are rightly embracing new trends as we try to shake up our profession and deliver greater value for our audience. But how do we know the difference between transformative ideas, distractions, and just BS?

This panel will introduce some popular - and a few less-known - emerging trends and provide the audience with an opportunity to vote on their perceived value before presenting a case for or against.

A highly interactive and entertaining session, this presentation will span microlearning, emerging technologies, new findings in cognitive psychology, marketing techniques and more.

Workplace Learning Day 2 @ 10:50

Beyond Training: The Art of Nudging Behaviour

We all know that lasting behavioural change is hard at the best of times and is rarely the result of a single training intervention.

In this session Arun will provide an overview of the latest thinking from other domains, including behavioural economics, cognitive psychology, habit formation and marketing to provide practical takeaways for broadening our L&D toolkits.
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