Thursday 6th June


The rise of human skills

As start-ups continue to disrupt incumbents, and organisations accelerate growth to remain competitive, the teams within your organisation truly become your driving force for innovation and excellence.  As our expectations of success changes from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, a new breed of talent is emerging. A talent that excels in human skills. One who thrives in demanding, complex, diverse and collaborative working environments.  During this session we will explore:

  • What are human skills
  • What’s changed and why
  • Why it matters to individuals and organisations
  • What organisations are doing differently today as a result
  • What you can do to embrace the rise of human skills in your workforce
Narelle Stefanac, Head of Learning Transformation, Aust & NZ, LinkedIn Learning

How to create a high-performance workforce with technology

According to Gallup, staff engagement in Australia and New Zealand is sitting at a very low 14%. How do you help staff reach their full potential when they're feeling more disconnected and disengaged than ever? Create a digital workplace with integrated technology to deliver personalised information, bridge the knowledge gap and cultivate positive employee experiences - anywhere, anytime. We’ll take you through the building blocks to better support a high-performance workforce and delve into a real-world example.

Josh Anstey, Customer Solutions Director, Elcom

How to create a training video in 20 minutes

In this session you'll learn how to build a video from start to finish!
The session will also explore general best-practices and time-saving tips to get your videos on their feet and out the door in no time.
We'll show you how to utilize the deep asset library, customizable templates, and other dynamic features to create a professional quality video.

Erin Champion, Senior Customer Success Manager, Vyond

The Modern Learning Dilemma – How Do You Keep Your Employees Continuously Engaged?

If you’re struggling to keep your people engaged in learning, you’re not alone.

We all want our people to be agile, engaged, mobile, and most importantly learn 'in the flow' of work (and life).

That's easy to say, but how do you design a learning strategy that both meets the expectations of your people, while delivering real outcomes for your organisation?

In this session, we'll show you:

  • The top 4 reasons your current learning program may not be working.
  • How to escape 'catch-up' mode, and put yourself in the driver's seat.
  • How to build a future-proof learning strategy that engages employees.
  • Top tips for getting started today!

Join this ‘must attend’ session, and you’ll learn how to dramatical improve employee learning and engagement!

Sue Tark, Managing Director, Cornerstone OnDemand

How to prime a group for collaboration

Priming a group for effective workplace collaboration requires:

Find out why these elements are important and experience an easy and reliable way to achieve them with your groups.

  • Establishing trust, safety and respect
  • Engaging hearts and minds
  • Highlighting diversity, similarity and inclusion
  • Encouraging curiosity
  • Creating shared purpose

Leonie Cutts, Director, CCS Corporation


Leveraging your internal subject matter experts to create an engaging learning experience

With an ageing workforce, what are you doing to prevent all that knowledge/IP before it walks out the door?

Share knowledge internally, leverage remaining expertise without sending your employees away to have to learn complicated software systems

Dan Oak, Regional Director, Instructure


Setting new records with a pop-up approach to training

See how TAFE QLD broke records training volunteers for the Commonwealth Games and how this methodology can transform professional development in the workplace

Mark Yaxley, Director ANZ, D2L

Is the personal professional development of your L&D team really that important?

Organisational L&D teams spend most of their time monitoring and arranging professional development opportunities for the employees of their organisation, but often neglect their own PD. How important is it to make sure we keep ourselves up to date, and what options are out there to do so.

Lynette Pinder, CEO, AITD

Friday 7th June


2019 Workplace Learning Report: The breakout year for the talent developer

2019 is the breakout year for talent developer. Organisations are looking to L&D departments to play a more strategic role in navigating skills gaps and building a highly productive local workforce. This session will cover how learning leaders:

  • Leverage increased influence and budget 
  • Lead organisations in closing skills gaps and upskilling the organisation
  • Think like a marketer to increase employee engagement 
  • Create learning opportunities for the modern employee 
Jorn Are Lundin, Senior Relationship Manager, LinkedIn Learning

Dimensions of Assessment Quality

This presentation looks to paint a picture of what “quality” is, in respect of vocational assessment, and also present a clear model, clarifying the impact of poor quality. From this context we will review the Rules of Evidence and Principles of Assessment to conclude why they are relevant and how practices such as these and assessment validation, contribute to the greater good of assessment quality.

Rob Bright, Founder / Managing Director, Cloud Assess

How to improve customer experience with training

Join Philip Tutty from SAP Litmos for a presentation on how training can improve your organisations customer experience and satisfaction. Whether it is training frontline employees, external contractors or the customers themselves, an exceptional training program can boost customer engagement and meet their expectations.

Philip Tutty, Head Of Apac, Litmos, Australia

Flipping the classroom to the cloud

3D spatial video conferencing is next generation tech that brings the real time classroom experience online. What does this mean for building innovative teams, supportive networks and the future of the flipped classroom?

Dr Gary Ellem, Head of Business Development, iSee VC

From enhancement to transformation: Getting the students ready for the future

Knowing the kind of learners that we have today and what sort of skills they will need in the future will help educators and educational institutions take a closer look at the way they use technology in education, specifically in crafting programs and activities for students. Educators play a critical role in preparing the students of today for the future and in helping them become part of a highly technological workplace. In this session, the speaker will share insights, framework and examples on how to transition class activities from enhancement to transformation, to empower students to take an active role in their education and enhance their work-ready skills.

Jenielyn Padernal, Director of E-learning Integration, Cypher Learning


Microlearning: The Corporate Learning Game Changer

  • Learn how one company implemented a soft skill microlearning platform across multiple locations
  • Understand how the soft skill training platform reinforced the companies’ desired skillset for career progression
  • Integrating soft skill training into business as usual: looking for a better approach to challenges, hiring, meeting agendas, performance reviews
Dave Thompson, Regional Manager, EBSCO Information Services


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