Axon Vibe

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Axon Vibe is a location-based contextual platform that detects and predicts real-world human behaviour.

We provide location-based AI technology to enable public transport operators (PTO) and authorities (PTA) to orchestrate their customers’ door-to-door, multi-modal and on-demand mobility (also known as Mobility-as-a-Service or MaaS). Axon Vibe’s platform delivers:

Create a seamless travel experience for each passenger by automatically sending personalised messages and alerts based on each passenger’s unique preferences and context.

Understand where passengers get on and off various means of transport (be-in/be-out) with our smart location tracking analytics to make the users’ journey truly ticketless.

Enable contextual moments marketing and cross-selling of third party services beyond mobility with our predictive analysis to develop new revenues for PTO/PTA.

Axon Vibe is working with forward thinking PTO/PTA across the world and across multiple modes of transport (train, bus, tram, ferry, metro, etc.). Our contextual platform powers PTO/PTA’s mobile applications to help reduce end user friction and deliver moments of serendipity without compromising users’ trust.

Our technology can be easily integrated into the PTO/PTAs existing mobile app. Additionally our own concept app allows to experiment with cutting edge use cases for the mobility of the future.