Walaiporn Leelawannee | Bangkok Engineering Techno Centre Director
Alstom | Thailand

Walaiporn Leelawannee, Bangkok Engineering Techno Centre Director, Alstom

Walaiporn Leelawannee was appointed the Bangkok Engineering Techno Centre Director for Thailand in January 2021, following the Group’s merger with Bombardier Transportation (BT). She is responsible for the core technology development of both mainline and mass transit signalling product and solutions, growing the Centre’s competencies in signalling development and supporting engineering activities to ensure the highest quality level of deliverables. Walaiporn started her career with BT’s Rail Control Solutions (RCS) Division for Asia Pacific in 1999, as Automatic Train Supervision Design Engineer in Bangkok working on mainline signalling projects in China. She then moved to Copenhagen as Computer-Based Interlocking (CBI) Tester for the Amsterdam-Utrecht European Rail Traffic Management System pilot line project. In 2002, Walaiporn assumed the role of CBI Adaptation Team Leader in Bangkok before progressing to be CBI Adaptation Manager in 2010. In both roles, she managed the regional application of generic CBI logics and software primarily for communications-based train control technology across an international portfolio of mainline and mass transit projects. She also led the product development for platform door control units, while supporting customers on requirements definition, operations and safety. In 2019, Walaiporn was promoted to the Head of Engineering for BT’s RCS business in Asia Pacific, focusing on the project execution and footprint development for both mainline and mass transit technology. She worked closely with the product development teams, as well as customers and long-term partners to deliver the best signalling and wayside systems worldwide. Walaiporn holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Computer and a master’s degree in Telecommunication Science from the Assumption University of Thailand.


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