Rikke Carmichael | Head Of Air Operations
Network Rail | United Kingdom

Rikke Carmichael, Head Of Air Operations, Network Rail

Rikke Carmichael is Head of Air Operations at Network Rail. Her team specialise in data collection from multiple aerial vehicles. The data is used to assist with rail conditions and maintenance and supporting specific company projects. This helps to identify potential problems ahead of failure which means targeted preventative maintenance resulting in fewer train delays. Major maintenance task can be scheduled in advance resulting in reduction of costs. Another aspect is safety - taking people out of the high-risk track environment and using the images and data collected by air to support work tasks instead. Rikke has extensive experience in aviation both as a professional helicopter pilot and from working at Boeing Defence UK both developing training programmes for various aircrafts and as a Campaign Manager, securing the through life training contract with the RAF. In her early career she worked with SAS (Scandinavian Airline System) and Maersk Air.

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