Olivier Rivalta | Director Of Asia-Pacific
EGIS Rail | Singapore

Olivier Rivalta, Director Of Asia-Pacific, EGIS Rail

Olivier Rivalta, an engineer with solid experience in urban transport systems, joined Egis Rail in 1998. Since then, he has worked on metro projects (Singapore, Lyon, Alexandria, etc.), LRT projects (Marseille, Dublin, Lyon, Strasbourg, Grenoble, etc.) and Amtrak's High Speed North East Corridor (USA). A specialist in rolling stock, he works on all types of transport and on every phase of a project: preliminary design, design, specifications, tests and controls, commissioning, etc.  

In addition to these technical skills, Olivier Rivalta is an excellent project manager. Experienced in the field of public tenders, he is also skilled in the general organisation of maintenance and specific facilities. He was in charge of rolling stock and systems for the Macao metro project, where he demonstrated his adaptability, his curiosity and his skill level. A very good all-rounder profile for transport systems, focused on the area of rolling stock.​ Olivier Rivalta is now director of Asia Pacific area.


Asia Pacific Rail 2020 - Day 2 @ 12:30

Palembang LRT - the first LRT in operation in Indonesia

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