Syntony G.N.S.S. Corp


Headquartered in Toulouse, France, SYNTONY has developed an expertise and a technology in GNSS signals and location systems, in partnership with well-known aerospace leaders. SYNTONY has become a game changer in the radio navigation industry through a unique combination of extremely sophisticated and high-grade RF front-end elements and s implementation of the digital processing allowing rapid functional iterations and improvements with reduced costs and efforts.

SubWAVE enables the localization of any equipment with a standard GPS chipset (safety forces, isolated staff, assets) by expanding the coverage to underground areas. By emitting a perfect emulation of the “real” GPS, SubWAVE can benefit to the subway operator and the public in all underground places equipped with the system: Stations, Tunnels, etc. Whether it is for operational reasons or for safety reasons or even to help passengers find their way underground, SubWAVE is the solution for your need.