Mattei (Suzhou) Air Compressors Manufacturing Co. Ltd


Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of rotary vane air compressors for commercial, transit, industrial and OEM applications. The Mattei Group has just celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019.  

For more than a century, Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A. has pioneered the development of rotary vane compressors. Today, we continue to strive to enhance our proprietary rotary vane technology in order to provide customers with the best products available. Mattei has founded its branch in Suzhou China for 12 years to be able to provide a better after sales service to our customers.  

The dedication to product development, combined with a commitment to quality and service, is the reason why Mattei vane compressors represent the optimal solution for numerous commercial, transit, industrial and OEM applications in various industrial sectors. We export the excellence of Made in Italy and promote energy saving useful for companies and the environment.  

Currently, Mattei produces the widest range in the world of vane compressors with a power of between 1.5 and 250 kW. Among the numerous series of compressors offered: