ArcelorMittal as a leading rail producer, offer a wide portfolio of solutions for railways, subways, tramways, light-rail tracks, crossings, crane rails, and rail components. We count with one of the largest product range in the market with the best quality and the best service conditions. 

We are actively involved in designing new rail-based solutions that meet the needs of the railway sector: increasing the length of our rails to provide further savings in track safety, welding and maintenance cost. Our solutions are adapted to different applications in order to increase rails service life and reduce maintenance cost such as: our low carbon grades for tramway, new hardness grades for heavy haul and new range of corrosion-resistant rails: RailCor ®, that offers protection in severe environments. We contribute to extend the 4.0 transformation of the rail sector with several digital tools such as the new Rail Tool app, Life Cycle Cost models and predictive maintenance. 


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